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How You Can Tell When Someone Needs An Education About ManBearPig

How You Can Tell When Someone Needs An Education About ManBearPig

dragonspirit123456 A clear title of record is a proof of ownership of a home as a receipt however a vehicle certificate of ownership title for a car works perfect as proof of ownership or receipt of a vehicle. ===

I swear to God i f i ever open my bathroom medicine cabinet and the my pillow guy is on the other side im gonna punch him in the face. twice.

tempeau2 i went outside stoned out of my mind once. i hope it was an opossum i saw, but i came in and told friends it was half man and half animal ?===

hadleighsjd IQ chat in chatrooms—99% of those posting don’t have a clue about the subject, but everyone has an anecdotehadleighsjd or a statement (usually inaccurate or incorrect) There were 77 people in Politics when this blowhard said this and by my calculations, 99% of 77 is . So dumbass, assuming you consider yourself intelligent (actually i don’t have to assume, you seem to make sure the room knows every visit that you think you’re smarter than everyone else. you’re not, by a longshot), tell me which 23% of yourself are you including in this statement, methinks shoulders and above. ===

Emmielu123 Ugh. I can’t read “Casanova” in a SN. about 18 years ago, there was a Casanova in the chatroom I used to go into. He ended up killing a woman’s husband, because she told him he was abusing her. Turned out it was a lie. so they guy offed himself whenEmmielu123 he found out he killed him based on the internet girlfriend’s liesmegmauthor This guy offered to kill my ex for me. lol

Did anyone else get a bit creeped out at the casual lol at the end of meg’s statement, like it was almost wistful. Continue reading “How You Can Tell When Someone Needs An Education About ManBearPig”