The Dream Team for Developing a Tinder like App:

The Dream Team for Developing a Tinder like App:

All the dating apps from Tinder to OkCupid employ one or the other algorithm to come up with suitable matches. Now Tinder makes these matches with major focus on Geography and similarity in answers.

On the other hand, OkCupid includes users’ expected answers from a future date in order to predict a match. Since you are developing a new dating app, you must look for creating an advanced algorithm to deliver accurate matches.

For this, you may experiment with integrating artificial intelligence. Or something close to Netflix’s personalized recommendations. Or perhaps, try the quantum computing route, if you have the funds for it.

Well, how many people do you need for app development? Well, it depends on how much are you willing to spend on your application. A good team will consist of 7 to 10 people.

An ideal team for developing an app like tinder will include, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Project Manager, 1 Backend, 2 Mobile Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 QA tester, 1 Devops, 1 Tech Lead.

Mobile App Development Process Steps

  1. Idea Discovery And Analysis
  2. Feature Specifications
  3. Business Analysis
  4. Prototyping
  5. Wireframes
  6. App Architecture
  7. Designing
  8. UI/UX
  9. Development

To answer your question, it can cost you around $97,000 if you are hiring developers from Western European and Central European countries.

And if you were to hire someone from Ukraine for the same task, the cost can come down to around $55,000. And these costs are applicable for both iOS and Android versions.

Yes, this is a big difference. But the reason for this difference is that the hourly rates prevalent in these regions. And if you are able to find a good, trusting, and intelligent freelancer, the cost will further come down to $40, 000.

Do you have an idea for own dating app?

For the coding part, you have UX and UI designing for iOS and Android. Added to this, there is front-end and back-end development, quality blackpeoplemeet app assurance, and testing. Everything takes time and effort.

So, whosoever you hire, be it an agency (local or outsourced) or a freelancer, they will charge you as per the number of hours.

Tinder App Design Cost

Tinder is a beautiful application. It has intuitive features and amazing graphics. The interface is friendly, it is easier to navigate through the app. Moreover, any first time user can easily set up their account on tinder and start matching.

And this is the true motive of every user. That they need to start matching and swapping profiles right away. In that, if your application is making the user drift away from this, it will lead to disappointment.

So, it is essential to make a good design for your application. It has to be attractive and easy to use.

If we are talking about just the designing part, then it comes under UI and UX. So, as per the above table, UI and UX will take around 120 hours for both Android and iOS platforms.

Using the same rates as given above, you will have to spend $5, 250 for designing a Tinder-like app if you outsource that task to Ukraine.

Tinder Competitors

Today boys and girls don’t have to roam in bars to find a good date. Dating applications have made it super easy for all of them to find each other. Tinder is one, but there are a lot of competitors of tinder out there.

This is because tinder is the best platform and has a worldwide audience. It works as per the region you are operating it from. Better designing and more coverage will certainly cost more as opposed to a normal design and ordinary interface.